8 Best Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money


The list of best ways for students to make instant money online absolutely free

It is an ultimate guide for best online jobs for Students to generate income and different ways for students to make instant money online absolutely free. 

There are many legitimate ways to generate income online for students but most of today youths leave the proper way and face the wrong ones.

I have received a great deal of messages from students after the last post with different questions.

I went on research immediately to discover the answer to public questions like;

How to earn more online without investment? Where is online jobs for young students with no experience? Please tell me real ways to generate money from home for free I'm a college student and I need money, How to earn more online without paying anything? How to earn more online from home part time?

When you need answer to any of these questions or something like that well then, your at the ideal place, this content is meant that you can know the best online jobs for students to earn money.

Here is the list of Best ways for students to earn money online

  1. Data Entry
  2. Translation Jobs
  3. Freelance Writing
  4. Online Micro Jobs
  5. Website Testing Jobs
  6. Virtual Assistance
  7. Online Tutoring
  8. Blogging

Ultimate guide for Best Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money In 2020 and different ways for students to make instant money online absolutely free


Data Entry is an additional way to make easy money online without investment as a students or for working class who need extra income. It's a simple work that anybody with basic computer knowledge can do along with accurate and fast typing skills.

As a student , you can generate money doing data entry as a part time job. All you want to do is typing and get paid.

You could find business partnership with clients through the websites below;

  • Guru.com
  • People per our.com
  • Clickworker.com


If you speaks capable to read and wright many popular language well then, your set as your services may be required some companies or websites.

Should you be good enough, some companies will retain your part time services and stick with you for a time. Furthermore, you can generate more income from translation jobs.

The easiest method of getting translation jobs and start making free money online is to join translation agencies. You could find most of them through the listed Websites below;

  • Translatorstown.com
  • Translatorsbase.com
  • Wordexpress.com
  • Translationdirectory.com

Ultimate guide for Best Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money In 2020 and different ways for students to make instant money online absolutely free


Freelance writing is the most effective creative ways to generate money or part of online jobs for students to earn money.

Freelancing only require a Computer or Smartphone with internet, you must be a good writter and possess a good grammar.

All you want to do as a freelancer is to write articles for clients and get paid. You can write articles for companies or blog posts for bloggers and many more.

As an African student , a high level freelancer and you strive to be one, I will recommend Opera News Hub Creator that you can join. Register and write for them then start making cool easy money.

However, some sites may have you take a grammar test or have you send sample of your work. You have got to register with some Websites to get clients and many of the websites you can join as a freelancer to generate income online are;

  • Opera News Creator
  • Write.com
  • Iwritter.com
  • Writersdomain.com
  • Wisegeek.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Lovetoknow.com


I don't think it's normal for a student to not have any micro job. Micro Jobs is the most effective online jobs for students to earn money.

By offering small services to people who need it and get paid instantly.

Types of Online Micro Jobs

  • Video Editing
  • SEO services
  • Website Design
  • Editing Article or Academy papers
  • Designing Logos
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Freelancing (writing for company and people) etc.

Knowing how to do any of these micro Jobs then you can definitely get clients with numerous orders from the listed below microgig websites;

  • Gigbucks.com
  • Zeerk.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Tenrr.com
  • Seoclerks.com

Website testing jobs


Website testing is an effective way on how to earn more online from home and without paying anything.

Internet user like you have enable you to connect with website owners who needs people to test their Websites and give them feedback on usability experience.

However, you can generate between $10 – $30 per test which can take you 5-30 minutes for each test. The website owner may require your feedbacks in written, audio or video format but whichever way your smartphone can do it all.

You can connect with website owners who needs their sites to be tested from the listed Websites below;

  • Usertesting.com
  • Userlytics.com
  • Youeye.com


Virtual assistance is among the real ways to generate money from home and best way that answers how to earn more for beginners.

This doesn't expect you to go extra research on what you do not know unless you wish to. It just to render services on what you or what you're studying/studied like communication and organizational skills.

As a student , you can offer virtual assistance like social media manager, website maintenance, blog editor and lots more.

You could find opportunity from the sites like;

  • Fancyhands.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Worldwide101.com
  • Virtualgalfriday.com


Knowing you are sufficiently good to deliver a lecture or teach someone on particular subject well then, your good to go.

There quite a bit of online reliable tutoring agencies you can join to get clients who needs tutoring on a particular subject and make instant money online absolutely free.

All you want as a student is good internet connection and Skype account to deliver your lecture. Below are the list of websites which you could get good online tutoring jobs;

  • Tutorshome.com
  • Tutor.com
  • Tutozilla.com
  • Tutorvista.com

Blogging jobs


Blogging is of the most effective legitimate ways to generate money online. I can tell you to blog about your favourite hobby so that you will never get bored along the way. You will need to start your blog right now and this can be used tutorial to create a professional blog by yourself.  It's all things to make a professional blog comes alive.

When your blog starts getting traffic then you can definitely apply for Google AdSense and start making money from home online.

There are lot of ways will benefit from blogging apart from Google AdSense like display ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and lots more.

However, you can still earn money with Google AdSense without a website by creating YouTube account and link them together. It's cool to start a blog as a student because if you write good contents and also a nice design then a great deal of students in your school are automatically your website users.

You can apply some research and investigate to be able to set up a beautiful and we'll designed blog. Meanwhile, Wiseloaded among the top entertainment blogs in Nigeria is a great one for you.


Many wise students makes a lot of cash while in school this is why you later see some of your mates establishing themselves when you are there seeking for job after you all through. If you work on the above list of best online jobs for students to generate income then there's no how you will think of ever becoming a fraudster (Yahoo Yahoo). Instead of wasting your time on scamming people, you can utilize the same time frame to look for the ideas to generate money and ways for students to earn some extra cash and then be good.

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